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sometimes I wonder if one day I’ll get reamed out on SimSecret for the way Liz speaks. I know my take on a Louisiana accent sucks and all, but I am Canadian after all - I can only do my best. 

I just hope no one thinks I am trying to make her sound “thug” LMFAO

(but then I remember I am not a popular simblr and no one cares enough to write a post about me)

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Anonymous asked: Today was the day you exited the womb, it was a good day happy birthday.


sorry I am getting this now when my birthday was on Monday. I have been slacking so hard when it comes to my blog and for that I apologize. But your birthday wish is greatly appreciated ♥♥

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Hunter settles in on the couch and looks at me with eyes that can’t believe what he’s about to say and it made me wonder… do I want to know now? 

"Lizzybear," he begins and I almost tear up with just that one line, "Pa’s been hurt." 

"Well what else is new." I say with a snuff trying to think the situation is lighter than it is. 

"No, Lizzy, worse off than any time before." Hunter tries to explain, "He ain’t walkin’ right now." 

"W-w-what do yah mean?" I ask with my eyes widening with fear. 

"He took a job, Liz." Hunter needs to say no more, "We been havin’ issues with money and he took a job." 

"Why would he go an’ do a thing like that?" I say in disbelief. My mind immediately began going through a million different thoughts, moving home to help, how it happened, why wasn’t I called, etc. 

"It didn’t go well and word got back to Ant’ony, so he sent a coupla his guys after Pa." He says with a hard swallow and then he stays silent. I didn’t want to picture the situation going down, but after he said it, it was all I could see. My poor father getting thrown to Anthony’s knuckleheads for a job going badly. 

I let a few tears roll down my cheeks, “Oh sha, ah’m sorry. This is why we didn’t wanna say anythin’. We know how hard things have bin for yah.”

I suddenly became very mad at all of my brothers as they did nothing to help, or disperse the problem themselves. 

"You boys are hopeless. You let Pa get hurt all because of what? Fear of Ant’ony and his dogs?" I bark at them, no pun intended, but their stupidity angered me. 

"Liz! C’mon… you know what it’s like to mess ‘round with Ant’ony and his boys." Kaden finally speaks up. 

"I don’t care, you boys have certainly held your own in a fight several times. This is no different." 

"It’s a hun’ed times different." Hunter replies, "You don’t think whatever we could do to them they couldn’t do back to us and even worse?" 

"I know that Hunter, but you have options. Nawlins’ is not the only place in tha world, y’know. Try livin’ a little and discover new territory." 

"Liz, don’t be dumb. We ain’t leavin’ our home, Pa would never stand for dat." 

I still feel a fiery ball of anger in my stomach and suddenly all I could do was speak our native mix of french and yat to my brothers. “Mais, jamais dans me vie! Je ne pas vous croire garçons!”  

It’s always been a fault of mine that I cannot conduct proper English words when I am this mad, and right now all I want to do is let loose on them. But I love them deep down and understand their reasoning. 

"Sha, please don’t be mad wit us." Kaden says in a hurt tone, he never likes when he does wrong by me because family is the most important thing to all of us. 

I silently look at my brothers with anger and let tears fill up my vision, “J’ai besoin de temps.” 

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This time I cross my arms over my chest and wait silently as the person behind me enters the kitchen without disturbing us, but from the footsteps and presence alone I know it’s Hunter. 

"You’ve been foolish not to tell me Kaden." I say showing my disappointment in him. Just then and right on cue Hunter comes over and makes himself apart of the conversation, which I knew he would. 

"Liz, stop pesterin’ the boys." He says authoritatively. "It’s mah decision not to say anythin’." He places his hand on his chest to show it was his choice alone and they were only doing what was told. 

"Then you tell me," I say narrowing my eyes on him, "Ah’m sick of bein’ in the dark and it’s worryin’ me sick." 

"That’s exactly why I didn’t want you to know, Liz. Promise." 

"Well it’s outta tha bag now so you might as well tell me what’s goin’ on with Pa." 

I could read his thought process as he mulls it over; he looks at Kaden for another excuse to hold off telling me, but he’s far too busy sulking. “Fine.” 

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After a few days pass I grow more and more impatient with my brothers and want to know the reason behind my father’s absence. With my nicest tone I ask Kaden what he’s up too and if he wouldn’t mind having a talk with me. 

"Kaden, you’ve always bin a good brother and you never take orders that well from anyone," I say trying to schmooze up to him first, "Why all tha sudden you following orders from Hunter?" 

"Liz, I ain’t in the mood to discuss Pa." He exhales with an exhausted tone and crosses his arms fitfully. 

"But why? You boys are being awfully secretive and I don’t like it." I say getting into a fit myself, "I used to do everythin’ for you guys and this is how gon’ treat me?" 

"Oh quit blowin’ smoke Liz." 

"Kaden. He is mah father too, now tell me what’s up." I say with my hands turning into tiny fists of rage and he knows that I would never pass a chance to give him some bruises. His eyes focus behind me as footsteps descend on the staircase. 

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  • my room is clean (or at least i am getting there)
  • i am at home with nothing to do
  • and it’s not a million degrees in my room, actually it’s chilly

i think this means it’s time for me to go in game. first time in almost a week and a half.

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I don’t follow very many people because I prefer to keep my dash semi-organized and slow, but the people I do follow deserve love because they simply blow everyone out of the water - including myself - with what they post, with what they make, with the creativity that pours from their pores. This is in no particular order; I love you all equally, even if we don’t talk.

simnels - suckmysims - ellzia - woohoo-juice-simoleons - noviebird - simminglystrange - woohootycall - onebloopin - vivala-sims


omg, cries all dah tears. you are the sweetest, thanks. I’ve never been on someone’s follow list thingy
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hahahah omg, classic

thanks you guys, you’re all gems 💜💎💖

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it’s my barfday.

yuk, I’m officially 22.

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thank you so much 😘
I’m sure my day won’t be as terrible as I anticipate since I’ll be with my loved ones. much thanks, xo

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hey guys

sorry i’ve been inactive, but things are just crazy right now. not necessarily in a bad way, but not in an overly good way either. just been doing stuff with my life, lol

tomorrow is my birthday which is really upsetting me this year because my friends aren’t really around and they seem like the stuff they have going on is more important then spending one day with me. ugh, anyway.. enough rambling. i’m not sure when i’ll be in game or when i’ll have posts up but i appreciate all your patience with me 💜💖💜💘

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hahahha i just noticed the keg in my last few pictures.
I’d like to say that was for story purposes, but honestly I just wanted to see what it’d be like if they got drunk together.

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oh just ignore all my gems and gold plz… k thanks

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edit: oh, he went in the haunted house and was cursed by a witch. it says the effects wear off in two hours. PHEW.

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i want to try Liz in a pastel purple hair colour, but I am god awful at finding one I like. what are some presets you guys know of or like?