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I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a while… I haven’t even been in game to get screenshots lately. Hopefully I’ll be playing a little later today, thanks for your patience.

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I did some research but couldn't find anything.. So here is my question: how do you do to make your paintings semm to be at different height? (don't sure I'm clear, I'm not english so... Sorry!) Can't wait to see more of your post!! Thanks in advance, the anon who is Team Jeffrey :)

Hiya! I am not sure if you need testingcheatsenabled true on for this, but all you have to do is shift click on them and you’ll see an arrow… you can then drag them up and down a bit :) 

but the ones that are clusters of small paintings are actually one big set, by lpvinyl21 

your english is fine, thank you and I hope this helps! 

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vivala-sims asked: your paintings actually make me sooo happy. I'm pretty sure I abuse them in my houses. I'll be all over them if/when you make more ♥♥♥


bah, you’re so welcome!

you’re very talented :) 

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That was wonderful. Loved it, more please!.

oh you’re too kind. It was only a silly rambling of mine… perhaps I’ll do something like it again :)

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i know that was crap

but it’s been stuck in my head for so long. hope it wasn’t too rubbish for you guys. 

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'Oh god, please no. Come back.' 

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The light came rushing back as they broke their hold of one another and James suddenly feel to his knees. 

'Please stay. I can't do this alone again.' 

'You're never alone.' 

'Please?' He begs, 'Will I see you again.' 

'No, but I'll see you James. Good luck.'

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'How'd you do this to me?' 

'Do what?' 

'Do exactly what I had hoped for. You restored my will to try again, without the feelings of rejection and doubt.' 

'You did it yourself. All I did was ask you to dance.' 

'I don't understand.' 

'James, you'll never know the outcome of something if you don't try it.' 

'Well that's basic logic. But… I guess I… haven't been doing much of that lately.' He lets out an exasperated sigh. 

'I have to go now.' 

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It’s true it’s a lie
Ain’t it over
Just you here tonight 
And I’ll be over

It’s not for me to have her
It’s not for me to have her, no
It’s not on me, just you here tonight. [x]

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A sudden wave of relaxation rushes through James’ body and he’s no longer feeling his woes from before. Could this be her power over him? 

'What do you mean, nothing?' He asks stopping their slow waltz in the woods, but not removing his hands from hers. 

'You'll figure it out on your own. I am just here because you need me, but I can't stay.' 

They begin swaying back and forth again, an idea pops into his head. 

'What if I asked you to?' 

'To what?' She smiles. 

'Stay with me?' 

'I'm sorry James. I'll be gone soon, I only sensed your troubled heart and I wanted to be here, for you.' 

'Exactly. I've never felt like this. Can't you stay?' 

'I cannot.' 

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Slowly the woman descends from the sky, no wires or pulleys in site, James can’t believe his eyes. 

'Dance with me.' 

'I asked you to leave me alone.' 

'James I've left you alone for twenty-four years. Please, let me help you, I know you need it most of all right now.'

He sighs and feels his arms being lifted up by her hands, her skin was warm, yet cool as her palms rest inside his. 

'And what exactly are you going to do to help me?'


She smiles. 

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'Dearest James,' the voice begins, it’s cool and collective, James was eager to hear her speak again. 

'Who are you?' 


'You're not my mother.' He scoffs. 

'I am James. I am the Mother of all the natural growth, breathing and living things on this planet.' 

'What kind of wire are you rigged too? Get down from there and stop disturbing me.' 

'If you wish…'

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James was in trouble. Not the kind of trouble you get into with your boss when you forget to photocopy the important brief for the meeting. More like the dead end job, no life, no friends or money kind of trouble. 

He decided to take nothing but his thoughts to the nearest quiet conservation area; hopefully finding peace and a restored attitude in the world. However, the flora and fauna of the beautiful reservation only aggravated James more knowing that a society beyond the trees is suffocating the last of these pleasing preserves Mother Nature had given us.  

'Wh-w-what is that?' 

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going to post a kind of one shot thing using James and Dominique, whom I made over… I randomly got inspired the other night by a band’s album. 

I’m going to break it up though and post a little bit at a time. It’ll probably be like four posts at the most. Enjoy, x

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hahaha oh. I thought it was vice versa, like it meant they followed me and I almost peed my pants. Then I went to check and barb was not following me. haha oh well ;)